You are invited to practice politics as a modern social science:
This is a forum for the  people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistani descent who desire a better future for the country. It is a platform for thinkers and those who inspire to benefit from this  thinking. It is an opportunity for people to experience  politics as an ethical science with measurable outcomes. It is a place for modern politicians to demonstrate  transparency and honesty  :: notices

Our strength is in our Unity.   We take pride in  Islam and  believe in  equality,  diversity and respect for human rights: more
Yaqeen                     We aim for a  Pakistan of  motivated individuals who have ethical values, security and peace of mind: more
The 'Holy Quran' is our sole guide.
End corruption by 'Social Mobilisation' 
Build a 'Pool of skilled' people.
Make 'People Power' the main driver.
Construct national strength in 'Unity'
Empower by Education and Awareness
Give Food security & Health protection
Have 'Secure Homeland and Borders'
We want to develop national institutions and enhance individual skills , awareness and education: more
Pakistan abounds in resources
We believe that Pakistan is a sovereign country that can be self sufficient without asking for much help :: more
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