Aims and Objectives


1. Islam as in the Holy Quran shall be the sole guide and Prophet Muhammad PBUH shall be the main source of all inspiration.

2. Democracy shall be the Partyís principle of practice. The Party shall support and strive for democratic processes and procedures in Pakistan. The Party shall work so that all citizens have the right to express their views, and are able to directly participate in the economic, environmental, political and social decisions and policies which affect their lives.

3. The best politics shall be that of the thinkers. The Party shall provide a forum for thinkers in various fields, for sharing their knowledge and experience with fellow members and the public, thus aim to bring benefit to Pakistan, the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent.

4. Only good social fabric shall ensure a better future for Pakistan.  The Party shall have free discussion on matters relating to Pakistan, its people and the people of Pakistan descent, and work at grass root levels to bring a change in the social structure of Pakistan.

5. People power shall be paramount. Individuals with specific skills of any nature shall be availed to the benefit of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent. The Party shall search for, identify, categorise, develop and mobilise the skill base of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent.

6. Education shall empower people. The Party shall aim to educate people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent at their individual levels of abilities and learning capabilities. Party shall avail the strength of educational curriculum in Pakistan to bring vocation, critical thinking, awareness and competitiveness in the youth of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent.

7. The Party shall operate on grounds of a new vision of citizenship built upon equal rights for all individuals. Party shall be open to people from all races except any that antagonise the interest of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent. Partyís activities shall benefit the members, People of Pakistan or people of Pakistan descent and other non-Pakistani communities legally living in Pakistan regardless of gender, race, age, religion, class, ethnicity, disability, wealth or health.

8. Party shall be defined on clear principles that Pakistan is a democratic, diverse, peaceful, progressive, safe and secure country of the world. The Party shall do everything to uphold these principles. The Party shall bring to the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent more political awareness and recognition of individualís human rights, responsibilities and duties.

9. Pakistan shall be governed as a Federal state with defined political national map and borders, having individual component provinces that add up to make the whole country. The Party shall acknowledge that there is a wide diversity of cultures, resources, short falls and strengths of different provinces but they shall be shared in a fair manner to achieve best outcomes for Pakistan, the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent. The Party shall work to help different communities in Pakistan to integrate and understand each other better and achieve complete community cohesion.

10. Pakistanís borders shall be defended with a strong defence policy and Defence Force. The defence capability shall be matched with the needs.

11.Pakistanís sovereignty shall be respected by not allowing any external interference in her domestic affairs. The Party shall adopt a Foreign policy that would work towards easing visa requirements for people of Pakistan wishing to travel overseas and encourage foreign investment into Pakistan. The Party shall enable the Pakistani Diaspora overseas to uphold their Pakistani identity, culture and values while living abroad and feel comfortable to return home. The Party shall work to bring together those people of Pakistan descent residing abroad, who have made numerous achievements in a spectrum of different fields, and mobilise there achievements  to the benefit of Pakistan.

12. The developmental needs of Pakistan shall be identified and defined in context of todayís world of change and uncertainty. The Party shall aim to tackle problem of extremism through social engineering.

13. Efforts shall be made to achieve a strong economy. The Party shall work towards enhancing business and trade opportunities both locally and nationally. Party shall develop upon Information Technology, manpower and human resources, service sector and manufacturing.

14. Food economy shall be assured. The Party shall take a stance that Pakistan is an agricultural land and should be able to get self sufficient in food production. Agriculture shall form the backbone of economy in Pakistan. Only the people of Pakistan or the people of Pakistan descent shall be able to own agricultural land in Pakistan even to the smallest acreage.

15.The Party shall continually promote Education, Training and Employment opportunities for the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan descent by thinking about reasons for their lack hitherto, proposing and implementing correct solutions.

16. The specific values of all forms of life, including non-human species shall be respected. The Party shall ensure the preserve biodiversity and the resilience of life supporting systems and the integrity of ecosystems. World environment shall be protected and green string shall be observed in making all Party policy issues.

17. The Party shall aim to provide a peaceful and secure environment to the citizens through enhancing awareness, community cohesion, establishing a strong judiciary with common people having easy access to law, engineering social mobility, and achieving equality and diversity.

18. The Party shall be committed to a non-violence approach in achieving itís aims and objectives.

19..Party shall aim to provide easy access to Justice for all

20. In all policy making, the Party shall seek guidance from the principles and values strived by Quaid-e-Azam, Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah upon founding the Federation of Pakistan.


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